Blues and Brunch Weekend Workshop with Sarah Elise

Sunday, October 7
11:30-1:00 PM
Class Fee: $15.00

Got the Blues? Come learn how to dance them out! In this special class, students will be introduced to the rich history of partnered Blues dances and music. Blues dancing grew and developed alongside blues music, from the jook joints of the Mississippi Delta and Chicago to the ballrooms of Harlem. Like the vast range of blues music itself, African American vernacular blues dances have a common thread and aesthetic that ties them together. By the end of class, students will be familiar with a variety of blues moves and dances, including Fishtail, Rocksteady, and Slow Drag. After the lesson, students will be able to put their newfound moves to use social dancing with fellow students. 

Join us after class and social dancing for brunch down the street at Robin's Cafe, to really put the "social" in social dancing!

Sarah Elise has been dancing blues for 6 years and has learned from some of the best blues instructors in the world. With a graduate degree in education, she brings her dynamic classroom style to teaching dance. She began teaching blues frequently in her home scene of Boston, and now regularly teaches in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Sarah Elise has conducted workshops at local dances and events around the country, including New York City, Philadelphia, Albany, Fort Collins, Pittsburgh, Providence, Seattle, and Phoenix. Her grounded, gritty style has brought her national recognition, earning her awards and placements at competitions around the country from the moment she began competing four years ago.