Contact Improvisation with Cookie Harrist

November 3 - December 22
12:15-2 PM

Drop-ins welcome. ODC class passes accepted, or pay a $15 drop in fee per class.

In Cookie’s contact class, we use energetic and anatomical systems in the body as the basis for improvisational scores in partnership. We initially tap into currents and landscapes in our individual bodies (breath, blood, density, weight, temperature, electricity) and then seek to attune our system to another’s. We play with the scope and specificity of our attention to expand improvisational possibility. We practice establishing and accepting boundaries between ourselves and others, as well as strengthening our attention to felt consent in contact practice. Class is open to all, no matter experience.

Cookie Harrist is a dancer based in San Francisco. She works in spaces between release technique, contact improvisation, contemporary dance, energy healing modalities, and vocal performance. She has performed in works by Joe Goode, Sara Shelton Mann, NAKA Dance Theater, Kim Epifano and Larry Arrington.

Photo credit:Jasmin Van T.