Contact Improvisation with Rajendra Serber

Saturday, July 6

Drop-ins welcome. ODC class passes accepted, or pay a $18 drop in fee per class.

Back in the days before Contact Improvisation wasa well know social dance, Simone Forti called it an Art-Sport. In this class, we will explore the balance between art and sport. Sharing momentum traveling through space into and out of lifts works when you have full commitment to a goal beyond the point of contact. We are going to get outerspacial striving to attain that goal. The artistry comes in the choice of which goal to strive for and how to communicate that with your partner. How can we find strength in ourselves and our partners? How can we let changing states guide us in finding the balance between expression and athleticism? We will play between the gravitational pulls of the earth and the own changing states.

Rajendra was born in San Franciso and has presented choreography for stage and screen in his hometown and internationally. His work has been nominated for Isadora Duncan Awards and a Lester Horton Dance Award. As a performer he has collaborated with many wonderful artists including Scott Wells, The Residents, and Sara Shelton Mann. He was born the same year as Contact Improvisation and grew up wrestling as a playful and loving practice. Starting with his father, who was a national wrestling champion in Argentina. Since that time he has studied a variety of physical and energetic forms: Contact Improvisation, Release Technique, Alexander Technique, and Chi Gung. Some of his teachers have been Anna Halprin, Nita Little, Simone Forte, and Daniel Lepkoff. For films, teaching schedule and more see RJNDR.NET.