Contact Improvisation with Krista Denio

January 5 - February 23
12:15-2 PM

Drop-ins welcome. ODC class passes accepted, or pay a $15 drop-in fee per class.

This class proposes the inherent relationship between Composition and Contact Improvisation. We’ll begin with post-modern movement fundamentals, and a Body-Mind Centering® influenced approach to internal and external worlds. Then drawing on the vocabulary of time and space, through use of the Viewpoints and other compositional frameworks, we will explore choice-making within the micro and macro. From individual movement choices, to partnering work, and ensemble awareness of the whole room and relationships, we can broaden range and locate more diverse choice-making in the dance.
Krista DeNio is a choreographer, director, performer, writer, and educator, committed to developing new forms of performance work, evolving interdisciplinary thinking and creation between the fields of dance and theater. She collaborates with artists, educators, and activists, across disciplines, toward a creatively engaged and socially just world. From originally devised solo theater, to ensemble dance-theater, interview-based work, to audience-interactive, site-specific performance, she is invested in the form that best serves the content. The work seeks to investigate the interrelationship between deeply intimate, individual truths and larger socio-political realities, trends, and behaviors. Krista has been a practitioner of Contact Improvisation since 1997, and approaches the form from a variety of perspectives, from its technical foundation and support of partnering work in choreography and performance, to the radical political potentialities that exist within the practice and participating communities.