Experiential Practice with randy reyes

Wednesdays 12 - 1:30 PM
January 30 - March 6

Drop-ins welcome. ODC class cards accepted, or pay a $15 drop-in fee per class.

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We begin with a question and everything is subject to change.

Is it possible for all of us to get what we need? What are the conditions needed to engender this state of divergent simultaneity? Can I learn how to empty in order to create more space for what is yearning to arrive?

The question or series of questions may become the initial impetus for our movement.

We will oscillate between various task-meditation improvisations, Chinese Energetic and ritual-based forms, House/Club/what-does-your-joy/rage/grief-dance-look-like, and zoom in and out of our inner cosmologies.

We will flirt with not knowing and play with generative states of non-doing to see what becomes of our flesh when we do.
We will fold and unfold.
We will discern, divine, intuit, and shift into action or rigorously rest.
Together and alone. Interconnected always.
Take what you need and leave all the rest.
What will you decide to bring with you?

randy reyes is a queer-AfroLatinx-brujx from NJ y Guatemala. They currently reside in Oakland after oscillating between here, LA, and NYC. randy is interested in excavating task-mediations, Chinese Energetics, the presence of absence, grief, and getting messy through the creation of contemporary rituals within quotidian and natural landscapes. Most recently in the Bay, randy was a YBCA Creative Dissent Fellow and premiered Lxs Desaparecidxs through the Performing Diaspora residency at CounterPulse. This summer, randy was awarded a Center for Cultural Innovation Professional Development Grant to travel to Greece to participate in the Ricean School of Dance. This past Sept., randy attended the Choreography Across Disciplines program at the BANFF Centre for Arts & Creativity on a full scholarship and is currently a 2019 SAFEhouse for the Arts AIRSPACE and Shawl-Anderson Emerging artist-in-residence. they recently performed as part of the 5th Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers at Dance Mission Theatre and is currently a Program Assistant with Dancers' Group. Choreographically, they have questions about autonomy, collective consciousness, radical ecologies, shifting the eco-socio-political paradigm, and conjuring queer ancestry/lineage.

Photo by Kalima Amilak