Dancehall Master Class with Nadiah

Thursday, November 15
7:45-9:15 PM

Class Fee: $20.00

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Nadiah "NfuZion" is Australia’s first and currently only freelance dancer, choreographer, and educator specializing in Dancehall, popular African dances and various other street styles on the international market.

She is a member of the global Dancehall collective - DANCA Family - and Paris based house and all styles dance crew, Paradox-sal. Nadiah has been teaching weekly classes and conducting regular workshops throughout Australia since 2010 and almost 2 years ago relocated to Paris, France.

To date, Nadiah has shared her style of Dancehall and/or Afro in South Africa, Portugal, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Canada, UK, USA, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia and even in the motherland, Jamaica!

Constantly striving to broaden her knowledge in dance and acquire new skills to refine her craft, there is no doubt that Nadiah is extremely passionate, generous, real and pure in what she delivers in all aspects of her profession.

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