Baroque Dance with Catherine Turocy

Saturday, March 24

Class Fee: $20.00

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Canary by Kellom Tomlinson
The Canary was created and then written down by the choreographer on manuscript paper in 1721. (It was performed twice that year on the London stage.)  This dance was tucked away in his own workbook which Tomlinson compiled as an apprentice, before becoming an internationally known dancing master. The workbook later fell into the hands of the Lowe family and made its way to New Zealand when one of the family members (a dancing master) emigrated in the 1850's.  It was "rediscovered" in 1988 and lives at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington.

Only 40 measures in length, this charming and lively duet performed a few years short of three centuries ago, will give the dancers a taste of playful petit allegro from the past. (petit allégro. Used in training they assist in the development of musicality, coordination, and quick footwork (stressing the use of the lower leg) while onstage, they are widely used in variations and/or character dances in full-length ballets, most prominently in Bournonville.) 

The New York Baroque Dance Company founded in 1976  by Catherine Turocy, Artistic Director, and Ann Jacoby is still leading the historical dance field today. The company specializes in producing 17th and 18th-century programs ranging from street performances to fully staged operas.  There are over 60 operas in its repertoire as well as reconstructed dances and ballets choreographed in period style.  Through residencies at educational institutions serving grades k-12 and at the university level, the NYBDC instructs professionals and the general public, thus preserving our cultural heritage.