Dance Fusion Pop Up Classes with Tika Morgan

February 2, 9, and 16 
4:00-5:30 PM

Class Fee: $20.00

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Tika Morgan's Dance Fusion workshops are centered around dance as a way of life. Her classes weave seamlessly through the places where Cuban, Brazilian, Afro Caribbean and West African dances connect and diverge. From the sacred to the celebratory, from contemporary to folkloric, Tika is highly skilled at bringing in the larger context of these dance lineages while pointing back to their West African roots. She explores the extraordinary way our body language retains it’s essential nature and is then passed down through a community. Tika's work is about embodying and celebrating the power available within us. By working with traditional and popular music and movement, her workshops offer an opportunity to delve into discovering our body’s potential as we move. Participants are guided to explore, at any level, the interplay between form and freedom and the power of moving as one. Both reverent and joyous, dancers will experience historical and symbolic references for even the most basic steps so that we experience what she calls our “dancing our human story”. Come check it out!


 “Dancing with Tika is a powerfully moving experience. She encourages you to explore all your mind  and body are capable of and her passion is contagious!"  
Dancer - Sandra Orellana Sears

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