Garba/Raas Workshop & Master Class with Seema Shah

Garba/Raas Workshop & Master Class
with Seema Shah
Sunday, October 15th

Class fee: $20.00

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Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to these dance forms, this workshop/master class centered on Garba and Raas will leave you ready for the Indian festival Navratri currently in full swing. Navratri - translated means 9 nights. The festival is celebrated over the course of these 9 nights with styles of dance called Garba and Raas. In garba participants travel in concentric circles using intricate hand and feet movements along with clapping. In Raas, participants hold 1.5 feet long wooden sticks while twirling and hitting them against their partner's sticks in a high energy sequence of 5 or 12 moves.

During this 1.5 hour session there will be a warm-up/stretching session, ab sequence and then we will jump right into both of these dance forms. This will be a high energy impact class.

Seema is a resident instructor at ODC Dance Commons for Tuesday’s Bollywood class, but her dance background started with Garba and Raas which comes from the state of Gujarat in India. Her mom, a dancer from India continued the tradition in the US and taught children and adults in the community. Seema shared the love of dance with her mother and carried her mother’s tradition after her passing. Seema has choreographed and won state and national level competitions in both Garba and Raas.