Making Connections Workshop with Shannon Stewart

Sunday, October 22

Workshop Fee: $60.00

Making the Connections is geared toward trained dancers and dance teachers focusing on spinal articulation, core strength, understanding and utilizing the psoas muscle group. We will explore tools for leg extensions, balance, port de bras, and more.

The workshop begins with Gyrokinesis® to build a strong connection between the upper and lower body. We will talk about how these ideas apply to our physical practice - specifically ballet and contemporary technique. There will be some time for question, answers, and workshopping issues at the end of the session.

Shannon Stewart has trained, taught, and performed internationally. Along with years of ballet, yoga, and somatic forms, she has studied gaga, Forsythe improvisation, Skinner Releasing, and CounterTechnique intensively. Shannon is certified in four formats of Gyrokinesis and is a Gyrotonic Instructor. She has taught ballet, modern, Gyrokinesis, improvisation, and dance conditioning in universities in the United States and Canada, at festivals in the US and Europe. She has an MFA in Interdisciplinary Dance Performance from Tulane University.

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