One Day Workshop Series with Talli Jackson: Technique and Composition

Sunday, August 12
1:30-3:30 PM Contemporary Technique
3:30-5:30 PM Composition

Single Class: $20.00
Full Workshop: $30.00

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Contemporary Technique: Dancing at the Edge of Things
Fight is the effort it takes to mobilize our mass, leap from the floor, charge into space, breathe when we’ve lost breath, and stay when it’s hard… and stay… and stay. Flow is the channeled surrender we give to the momentum of our falling body to fly our weight through space. When Fight and Flow are in dynamic relationship, we’re dancing on the edge.

Class will begin with a combination of somatic sensing, floorwork, and guided improvisation to wake up our senses, generate warmth, and invite our bodies into a lushness of extension and release. We’ll use a mix of classical, contemporary, and stylistically specific vocabulary to nurture a strong technical foundation and play our way into dynamic partnership with our body’s weight, capacity for articulation, and qualitative range. We’ll end with a phrase incorporating principles and vocabulary gathered throughout class, made for the dancer in us who is hungry for the sensuousness of effort, knows how to “work it,” and whose heart is delighted by dancing at the edges of things.

Catalyzing Composition: Fascination as a Key to Making
Our creativity has a home inside us with many doors and more rooms than we can possibly imagine. How many thresholds have you explored? How long have you been hanging out in that room you’re in? Are you still outside waiting for the right moment? How about a look around?

Come follow fascination into a rigorous exploration of the creative possibilities the body offers. We’ll dive into exercises that make room for surprise and transmute habitual patterns into fresh possibilities. Together we'll design creative directives that steer us toward discovery, new perspectives, and bold choices.

Talli Jackson was born and raised in Liberty, NY. He was a member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company from 2009-2017. During that time he originated roles in ten evening-length works and was honored to be involved with the re-staging and extensive touring of some of Jones’ and Zane’s pioneering duets, including  Monkey Run Road (1979), Blauvelt Mountain (1980) and Valley Cottage (1981). In addition to his work with the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Co., he has had the pleasure of working as a freelance artist with The Francesca Harper Project, Paul Matteson, Erick Montes, Joseph Poulson, and The Vanaver Caravan.  He was a recipient of full scholarships from the American Dance Festival in ‘06 and ’08, the Bates Dance Festival, and the Ailey School. In 2013, Talli was honored with a Princess Grace Award in dance. 

Photo by Whitney Browne