Ruth Felt and San Francisco Performances present Kronos Quartet and ODC in an evening of commissioned works: Archipelago by Kimi Okada with a score by John Hassel; Neon Summer by KT Nelson with a score by Terry Riley; Tamina by Brenda way with a commissioned score by Jalalu Kalvert Nelson.
Photo by RJ Muna

KT creates The Velveteen Rabbit to the half-hour George Winston's Windham Hill recording narrated by Meryl Streep.

KT collaborates with LEAP to choreograph local children into production.


KT builds a new sound score with Benjamin Britteen, Alexis Alrich songs and Geoff Hoyle's narration for The Velveteen Rabbit.

KT receives Isadora Duncan award for outstanding performance in Way's Constant Reminders.

(Photo by Lois Greenfield)

Laundry Cycle: The Long and The Shorts by Brenda Way is danced to a commissioned score by The Bobs.


From Australia to Taiwan to the Philippines to Malaysia, ODC goes on a five week tour of Asia and Australia under the aegis of the USIA.

(Photo by Lois Greenfield)

Loose the Thread by Brenda Way is set to a commissioned score by Paul Dresher, filmed by KQED in San Francisco an is aired on national public television for Alive from Off-Center.


Kimi and Bill Irwin are nominated for a Tony Award for their Broadway production of Largely New York.

ODC has a five week tour of Russia as Berlin Wall comes down.

Filmmaker/painter Eleanor Coppola and poet Leslie Scalapino join the tour.

(Photo by John Casado)

KT performs Yellow Wallpaper by Brenda Way to a score by Paul Dresher.

Singer Diamanda Galas tears it up as part of ODC's American Inroads performance series, performing Wild Women With Steak Knives.

Wednesday, January 1, 1986 - 12:00