Projected completion of the renovation of ODC Theater. Let the party begin!

Creativity Conference: Women who Frame the World
Speaking Participants: Anna Halprin; Cecelia Chang; Ellie Coppola: Beverly Pepper; Kamala Harris; Jorie Graham; Liz Lerman; Kui Dong; Carol Gilligan; Tina Packer; Lynn Hershman; Jane Metcalf; Pamela Z, Claudia Bernardi

Theater/pilot/migration artists over the years: Sara Michelson; Nora Chipamaure, Savion Glover; Sarah Jones’ Emily Johnson, Faye Driscoll, Amy Seiwert, Gerald Casel, Yayoi Kambara, Byb Chanel Bibene, Antoine Hunter, Lauren Simpson, Catherine Galasso, Larry Arrington

Joe Melillo of BAM selects ODC as one of three inaugural companies to launch U.S. State Department’s DanceMotion diplomacy program. The company spends a month in south east asia: burma, thailand, Indonesia where Way’s Origins of Flight and Unintended Consequences headline the tour.

Way creates Waving Not Drowning, score by Pamela Z, and ODC’s women hit the runway with their dress designs for the ODC men.


KT Nelson collaborates with Shinichi Iova-Koga on Listening Last, one in her series of works about the environment

Kimi Okada choreographs I Look Vacantly at the Pacific, through Regret inspired by a T-shirt and language miscommunication

Way’s Architecture of Light opens the newly renovated Theater; 4 versions of the work cycle through the new building and finish by coming together in the main space and includes the audience in the final dance.


KT Nelson and Brenda Way split the company to explicitly consider gender and create Cutout Guy for the men and Breathing Underwater for the women.


Brenda Way and KT Nelson create Triangulating Euclid in collaboration with Karen Zukor, art conservator.

Kimi returns to her tapping roots with Two if by Sea

Kimi premieres Uncertain Weather, a 100 castmember school student extravaganza about climate. 


Brenda Way is commissioned to create a 3-hour site specific work, Invention of Wings, on Alcatraz in conjunction with Ai WeiWei exhibit
Way and Nelson collaborate on boulders and bones working with Andy Goldsworthy and his Marin creek bed cairn installation. RJ Muna collaborates as filmmaker. Alex Nichols puts it all together and the work goes to BAM in New York City.


Friday, January 1, 2010 - 12:00