ODC Theater Presents Kinetech Arts: AI SENSORIUM

ODC Theater Presents Kinetech Arts: AI SENSORIUM

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ODC Theater Presents Kinetech Arts: AI Sensorium
February 21-23, 8:00 PM

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AI Sensorium reflects on the advance of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Like all the major technology advances in history, with the potential of drastically improving human lives, come unexpected side effects. In AI Sensorium, ODC Resident Artist Kinetech Arts investigates how bodies and minds are transformed, exploited, and manipulated by ML and AI both virtually and physically. Unlike physical footprints which disappear over time, the erasure of digital footprints is futile. One can no longer control what is left behind. Invasion of privacy operates as a sharp needle penetrating one’s skin. Human image synthesis through “deepfake” AI transports one’s face onto another’s body. The giant machine of influence creates bubbles contorting beliefs. AI Sensorium is a reflection on these strange realities, a poetic and fresh perspective that invites the viewer to reflect on their daily interactions in the virtual and physical worlds.

Company/Artist Bio:
ODC Resident Artists Kinetech Arts combines the work of dancers, scientists, and digital artists to create innovative and socially responsible performances. Kinetech Arts work has been supported by Zellerbach Family Foundation, CA$H Grant, The Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, Rainin Foundation, Creative Work Fund, and CounterPulse. Each year, KA produces multiple performances and over 50 other public events, including Open Labs, Y-Exchange and Dance Hack.

Thanks to ODC Theater, Djerassi, and Creative Work Fund for supporting this project.

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