Bay Area Dance Week

Bay Area Dance Week is a great time to celebrate and explore the breadth of dance with the vibrant community of artists and practitioners. This week we welcome you to try us out and to try new things with a selection of FREE classes.



  • Faculty Showcase

    Friday, April 26, 8 PM

    A celebration of ODC and Rhythm & Motion's incredible faculty beyond their usual role in the studio! A selection of ODC and Rhythm & Motions esteemed faculty and accompanists will be performing 10-minute segments with their companies, bands, and collaborators in Studio B.

    Featuring performances by Miquel Banket, Bruce Biada & Nicki Brunetti, Marika Brussel, Christine Cali, Marisa Castillo, Maggie Connard, Mark Foehringer, Andrea Fuchilieri, Meegan Hertensteiner, Sarah Keeney, Lindsay Leonard & Helen Wicks, Katy Rous, and Danica Sena.

    Space is limited and tickets are limited to two per person.

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  • Bay Area Dance Week Community Mixer

    Friday, May 3, 8 PM

    Celebrate the joy of movement and our Bay Area Dance Community in ODC Dance Commons! A fun, festive shindig, designed to celebrate community and the arts. Take a class, socialize with your friends, and meet new ones in San Francisco's home for dance. 


  • Multi-disciplinary Open Clinic

    Sunday, May 5, 9 AM - 1 PM

    Open clinic hours of the Healthy Dancer's Clinic that bolsters community awareness of and support for dance medicine, and promotes the health of dancers of all ages and levels across our community.

  • ODC Theater Open House

    Friday, April 26, 6 - 8 PM

    Enjoy happy hour with the ODC Theater Staff and get your questions answered about producing your next event. Join ODC Theater's Technical Director in a walkthrough of the venue! ODC Theater is available for live performance, off-site meetings, presentations, conferences, panel discussions, photo and film shoots, live streams and more.

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Free Classes

  • Rhythm & Motion Fusion Essentials with Heather Bornfeld

    Sunday, April 28, 8:45-10:00 AM

    Fusion Essentials incorporates a broad range of movement and music styles from around the world and is a great format for anyone new to Rhythm & Motion - and/or - craving in-depth instruction about our high-energy choreography and techniques. All levels welcome.

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  • Rhythm & Motion Modern Essentials with Becca Selin

    Sunday, April 28, 10:00-11:15 AM

    Modern Essentials is rooted in modern and contemporary dance vocabulary and influenced by music from around the world. It is a great format for anyone new to Rhythm & Motion - and/or - craving in-depth instruction about our high-energy choreography and techniques. All levels welcome.

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  • Contemporary-Advanced with Amy Foley

    Wednesday, May 1, 10:00-11:30 AM

    In Amy Foley's fast-paced and dynamic class, students progress from center work focused on alignment, technique and warming the body to moving through space with precision and volume. Special emphasis is put on going to and leaving the floor, movement musicality and quick vs. suspended kinetic qualities. Amy attempts to give her students the tools with which to challenge themselves in order to dance with efficiency, power and joy.

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  • West African Guinean with Naby Bangoura

    Wednesday, May 1, 7:15-8:45 PM

    In these classes, you will experience the traditional rhythms, dances, and songs of Guinea. You will also learn the meaning of the different rhythms and their accompanying songs and dances. Some of the rhythms/ dances we will explore are used for weddings, baby-naming ceremonies, and circumcision rituals. The class begins with a warm-up, followed with across the floor choreography and concludes with an improvisational dance circle around the drummers.

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    Class is danced barefoot.

  • Essentrics: Aging Backwards with Marika Brussel

    Friday, May 3, 1:00-2:00 PM

    Perfect for beginners and the older mover, Essentrics draws on the flowing movements of tai chi, the methods behind ballet, and the healing principles of physiotherapy. This dynamic workout, based on the theories of Miranda Esmonde-White, simultaneously lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility, and lean, toned muscles. Miranda Esmonde-White is one of America’s greatest advocates and educators of healthy aging. She is best known for her Public Television fitness show, Classical Stretch, which has been airing since 1999 and is rated the #1 fitness show on the network, and for creating Essentrics - the technique which Classical Stretch is based on. No equipment is necessary but please dress comfortably.

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  • Afro-Haitian with Blanche Brown

    Friday, May 3, 7:15-8:45 PM

    These classes introduce the technique, culture, and spirituality of Haitian dance. You will learn the subtle movements of the Rada dances, the strength of the Nago dances, and the excitement of the Petro Dances, as well as the joy and abandon of Carnival and Banda dances. Accompanied by a group of traditional drummers. All levels welcome! Folkloric dance skirts are welcome, but not required. Class is danced barefoot.

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  • First Look: Rhythm & Motion Choreography

    Sunday, May 5, 1:00-2:30 PM

    Named "Best Dance Class" by San Francisco Magazine, Rhythm & Motion is known for its diversity of music, high-energy choreography, welcoming atmosphere, and clear instruction by experienced dancers and choreographers. In this First Look dance class, Rhythm & Motion choreographers will give a sneak peek and in-depth instruction for some brand new songs and routines before their "official" release into the Program. All levels welcome and no experience with R&M required. Come ready to sweat!

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