ODC Month for Dancers' Health

ODC Month for Dancers’ Health
September 1-30, 2020

All events are FREE and presented by generous volunteers

The ODC Healthy Dancers Clinic is celebrating dancers' wellness through the Month for Dancers’ Health. Physicians, Nutritionists, and PTs who specialize in dancers' health and are dedicated to treating mobility for bodies of all kinds have joined together to offer an array of online workshops, panels, and pre-recorded videos available throughout the month of September.

Sessions are carefully designed for dancers, healthcare professionals and those who have dance-related questions for healthcare professionals during times of COVID-19, could use access to free dance healthcare-related information, want to learn more about dancers’ wellness, or are interested to know the latest information about public health issues and how they affect the dance community.

The Clinic's services are offered at no cost and we rely on donations to support our ongoing programs. Click here to make a donation.


Pre-Recorded Videos