ODC Month for Dancers' Health

ODC Month for Dancers’ Health
September 1-30, 2020

All events are FREE and presented by generous volunteers

The ODC Healthy Dancers Clinic is celebrating dancers' wellness through the Month for Dancers’ Health. Physicians, Nutritionists, and PTs who specialize in dancers' health and are dedicated to treating mobility for bodies of all kinds have joined together to offer an array of online workshops, panels, and pre-recorded videos available throughout the month of September.

Sessions are carefully designed for dancers, healthcare professionals and those who have dance-related questions for healthcare professionals during times of COVID-19, could use access to free dance healthcare-related information, want to learn more about dancers’ wellness, or are interested to know the latest information about public health issues and how they affect the dance community.

The Clinic's services are offered at no cost and we rely on donations to support our ongoing programs. Click here to make a donation.


Live Virtual Events

  • Dance for Healthy Youth and Teens with ODC Youth & Teen Staff and Celina De Borja, MD

    Tuesday, September 29, 5:00-6:00 PM PDT


    Dance has unique benefits to our physical, mental and social health and wellbeing! Join us on this collaborative online session to learn more about ODC's dance programs for youth and teens, and how to maintain a safe and enjoyable virtual dance experience throughout the season, with special attention to good practices for health and injury prevention.

  • Relaxing the Pelvic Floor: Pelvic Health for Dancers with Karah Charette, DPT

    Wednesday, September 30, 6:00-7:00 PM PDT


    The pelvic floor is essential to our everyday movement and functioning! Karah Charette, DPT, trained in pelvic health and rehabilitation, is thrilled to share practices for finding and releasing the pelvic floor in one's own body.

  • Dancers' Emotional Support Group, ODC Healthy Dancers’ Clinic with Jennifer Bury & Nancy Marks, M.D.

    Sundays, October 4; November 1; December 6, 4:00 PM PDT


    Drop-in slots are not available for these events. Clients must sign-up for these events 24 hours in advance.

    This group provides a safe haven for movers to express their feelings within a structure guided by experts within the psychology and movement therapy realms. The focus is on integrating mind, heart and body by utilizing evidence based theory and methods to enhance psychological flexibility and improve individual emotional health, and to develop a supportive community.
    Nancy Marks M.D., Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, and Jennifer Bury, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapist™, combine their expertise to guide this group.

    The content of the group combines cognitive, behavioral, somatic and mindfulness methods in this format:

    • guided group discussion
    • practical, directly implemetable tools for reducing stress
  • Complete Healthy Dancers' Clinic Appointments

    Sunday, October 4,  appointments avaialable at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30am PDT (9 total appointments available)


    The Complete Healthy Dancers' Clinic is made up of 45 minute to 1 hour appointments where individual dancers meet with a team of healthcare professionals that have experience or specialize in treating dancers. Each team is made up of a mixture of physicians, physical therapists, mental health specialists, and nutritionists. Each appointment serves as a consultation for the dancer. The dancer can use the time to get feedback on specific questions they may have about their health or to focus on a specific injury, past or current.

Pre-Recorded Videos