Balance Workshop Healthy Brain = Healthy Body with Cathleen McCarthy

Wednesday, July 24 & 31
12:00-1:00 PM

Drop-ins welcome. ODC class cards accepted, or pay a $18 drop in fee per class.

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Classes are for anyone (seniors, teens, and professional dancers) who is interested in better balance and improved mobility.

What you'll learn:
Learn to mobilize and strengthen the joints in the body
Learn about SMA (sensory motor amnesia= lack of precision and coordination) and how to mitigate it
Learn eye drills to improve tracking and hand eye coordination
How to check for eye dominance and weakness
Learn to assess gait (walking) to see what is NOT moving or is misaligned and how to mitigate
Learn why technology is ruining our spines and limits our visual field (which affects our balance)

What you'll get:
Series of exercises to strengthen and mobilize the joints in the body
Practice in assessing and improving gait
Learn to recognize SMA (sensory motor amnesia= lack of precision and coordination) and implement drills for improvement
Eye exercises for improving and strengthening vision
Letterball (tennis ball with letters on it) for strengthening visual tracking
VOR chart to practice at home (vestibulo-ocular reflex)

Cathleen McCarthy received her B.F.A. from the Purchase Conservatory of Dance. She danced in the companies of: Kevin Wynn, Larry Clark, Cliff Keuter, Della Davidson, Joanna Haigood and as a guest artist. She has received grants for choreographic projects. She was the Founder and Artistic Director of Summerfest/Dance for fifteen years- an annual festival for choreographers. She received an "Izzie" (Isadora Duncan Dance Award) in 2010 for "Sustained Achievement". She is certified in Pilates, Gyrotonic and Z Health with her own private practice.