ODC fit: Fusion Integrated Training Pilot Program

ODC fit
Pilot Program
January 4-29, 2021

ODC is expanding initiatives to enable all bodies to access wellness through movement training. ODC fit is a 3 dimensional and holistic approach to fitness with the intention to educate and transform, enhancing the Mind / Body / Soul connection and elevating your ability to perform throughout life.

Classes include strength, cardio, mobility and flow. We’re bringing together innovative specialists across the fitness, wellness, and dance industries to provide a fitness offering specializing in virtual delivery and remote online coaching.

Sample a few classes, or kick off the new year with four weeks of exciting new challenges, perfect if you are looking for a:

  • greater intensity from your workout regimen
  • road to injury recovery
  • relief from a sedentary Zoom life
  • reboot of your exercise routine
  • deeper understanding of fitness altogether

Introductory Rates
Trial class: $10
4 classes: $60
Full pilot program (monthly unlimited): $99

All classes are held virtually via Zoom.


  • FLEX: Strength | Form

    Strength training with an emphasis on form, function, and increasing power by expanding on the organic movements of the body, applying extra challenges with engagements, contractions, repetition, and manipulation of the muscles.

  • SWEAT: Energetic | Challenge

    A heightened energetic challenge that incorporates kickboxing, dance, and other calisthenics in a fresh format, where heart rate training is funneled into a musical format with fluid transitions. Experience music and exercising together in a way that feels organic, fluid, and fun!

  • DEEPEN: Range | Mobility

    Innovative range and mobility training focused on increasing flexibility and extending overall movement capacity. Incorporates Optimal Range of Motion (ROM) training, static and dynamic stretching, active and passive poses along with oppositional strength training.

    Dig deep and explore the end range of your potential! Activate your muscles in ways you didn’t believe you could. Investigate the depths of your movement capacity. Surrender into poses. Find comfort in the unknown. Breathe into discomfort. Transcend your boundaries. Embrace your potential.

  • FLOW: Agility | Stability

    Increase agility and coordination by exploring various functional movement sequences and the transitions between them. This class helps prevent injuries by improving stability and responsiveness where it matters most. Educate the joints as you stimulate the muscles. Learn to move with grace and flow. Connect movements that you might already know with new movements in a fun sequence that challenges your mind, body, and spirit.



    An all around, full body, 3 dimensional workout. This class incorporates all of the above elements to a wholesome and transformative workout: strengthening, cardio, stretching, and agility. If you are already familiar with each modality and want an extra challenge, or if you only have time for a 1 class but want the best of both worlds, this is a great option!








*ODC Dance Commons class packs, discounts, and other pricing cannot be applied to ODC fit.


ODC fit is created in partnership with Charles Roy, Jr.