ODC fit

ODC is expanding initiatives to enable all bodies to access wellness through movement training. ODC fit is a 3 dimensional and holistic approach to fitness with the intention to educate and transform, enhancing the Mind / Body / Soul connection and elevating your ability to perform throughout life.

Classes include strength, cardio, mobility and flow. We’re bringing together innovative specialists across the fitness, wellness, and dance industries to provide a fitness offering specializing in the power of movement to promote your physical and mental health, creativity and longevity.

Classes are held in person at ODC Dance Commons, virtually via Zoom, and on-demand on ODC Connect.

Flexible Pricing (Introductory Rates)

  • ODC fit 1st class: $10
  • ODC fit Drop-In: $16
  • ODC fit 4 class pack: $60
  • ODC fit monthly unlimited: $99 (valid 30 days)



  • FLEX: Strength | Form

    Strength training with an emphasis on form, function, and increasing power by expanding on the organic movements of the body. Engage, contract, manipulate and repeat. Flex is a great class for someone who is already physically active or for those seeking an intermediate level workout.

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  • SWEAT: Energetic | Challenge

    Sweat is for cardio lovers! Our instructors guide you through interval training intended to make you sweat and help you push past your perceived boundaries. We combine fitness with dance, kickboxing, calisthenics, and heart-rate training in each class. Equally inspiring as it is challenging, Sweat is a great class for someone who is already active or for those seeking an intermediate level workout. A class that cranks the energy!

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  • DEEPEN: Range | Mobility

    Stretch deeply into restorative postures intended to challenge your mind - body connection. Deepen your relationship with flexibility by incorporating heat and connecting to your breath. Expect to be guided through functional movement phrases that use stretch and strengthening techniques to expand your overall range of motion. This class utilizes the floor so you’ll want a yoga mat and any other props that bring you additional comfort or accessibility. Appropriate for beginners, seniors, or those seeking a moderate to slow paced workout.

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  • FLOW: Agility | Stability

    Increase agility and coordination by exploring natural movement patterns and learn how to navigate within and between them. Students will start by learning simple movement patterns and then will begin to explore transitions and level changes, such as tiptoe and wide squat. An ideal class for dancers, athletes, or those interested in expanding on what they already know. This class often utilizes gross motor movements that tend to occupy more space. Beginner to intermediate level class due to an additional mental challenge!

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  • FUSION: Full Body

    Fusion is a full integration of all four ODC fit modalities. This class incorporates all elements of any balanced workout regime: strengthening, cardio, stretching, and agility. If you are already familiar with each modality and want an extra challenge, or if you have time for only one class, this is a great option!

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Meet your Coaches

  • Cristina Florez

    Bronx-born and West Coast raised, Cristina Maria Florez is a Colombiana and Puertoriqueña who first fell in love with the art of dance before she could even walk.  She has trained in styles such as jazz, vogue, salsa, contemporary, whacking, hip-hop, and other movement forms. Amidst recovering from two back to back knee surgeries, Cristina discovered her love for fitness and it's immense importance in keeping the body agile and optimal. She's taught fitness classes at Millennium Dance Complex LA, Playground, and more. She is so excited to be with the ODC fit team spreading more love and wellness help.

  • Mackenzey Franklin

    Mackenzey Franklin believes that conscious movement and bodily awareness guide us toward balance as we explore and navigate the world. Born in Simi Valley, CA, Mackenzey earned her BFA in Dance from Loyola Marymount University LA and has taught movement classes internationally. In addition to her studies in Kinesiology, Mackenzey has continued her education in Trigger Point and Myofascial Release Techniques. She believes that strategies to help ourselves feel better - the relief of pain and tension, feeling more present, more lively - don’t have to be a mystery.

  • Arina Hunter

    Arina holds a strong passion for movement, wellness, dance, and helping others live and enjoy their best life. She received her BFA in Dance from the University of Montana and expanded her knowledge base in personal training, pre and post natal fitness, corrective exercise, mindset coaching, and nutrition. You can find Arina dancing, choreographing, hiking, enjoying nature, video editing, and snuggling with her pup Noodle. She believes in the magic of movement to energize, connect, help reduce pain and stress, prevent injury, and increase overall health, happiness, and sustainability. 

  • Kirsten Olshan

    Kirsten Olshan's love for dance started when she was very young going to ballet classes in Great Falls, Virginia with her twin sister. She loves the health and physical benefits of Jazz and the athletic, full bodied nature that jazz dance develops. When Kirsten wasn't dancing, she was taking voice lessons and or acting classes. Kirsten toured nationally in Children's theatre, musical theatre and performed in the Shakespeare Theatre summer program in Washington DC. Kirsten's love for movement and alignment progressed from studying modern dance and the work of Horton Technique, Cunningham and Tywyla Tharp. Pilates training was a part of her performing arts training as an actress, along with the Alexander Technique, yoga, and other movement-related work. Kirsten has danced, choreographed and taught fitness classes throughout the Bay Area and is a wellness coach and educator in the health and wellness industry nationally and internationally. Kirsten's focus is on holistic athlete health management.

  • Miche Wong

    Miche Wong, a seasoned dance professional harnesses the synergy of athleticism and elegance in her training. Both dancers and athletes experience dynamicism, energy, and mental prowess in similar ways but with different entry points. Miche focuses on these entry points in her training to allow each body to experience movement the way they want to. She aims to achieve mental clarity and a focused connection with the mind, body, and spirit that we all have alive within us. She invites you to reach for your internal power.