Global Dance Passport: Flamenco with Danica Sena 

Global Dance Passport: Flamenco with Danica Sena 

Global Dance Passport
Flamenco with Danica Sena 
Saturdays, March 18 - June 17

Tech Rehearsal: Saturday, June 17: time TBA
Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, June 24 5:00pm
Performances: Saturday, June 24 8:00pm and Sunday, June 25 4:00pm and 7:00pm 

$224.00 Full Workshop  
$18.00 Drop In

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Elegant, Dynamic, Rhythmic, Expressive, and Poetic. Awaken your senses, passions and creativity with an exclusive Flamenco performance opportunity. Open to all levels.

Internationally-acclaimed master flamenco and Spanish dance teacher/choreographer Danica Sena has created, performed and produced over 200 original works for television, independent film and stage in Spain (where she resided from 1991-2000) as well as throughout Japan, Czech Republic, Mexico and the U.S. Her movement, musical, literary and directorial expertise land her theatrical, operatic, orchestral and cinematic collaborations on a regular basis.

In 1996 she founded the now annual “Ago Arena” dance festival in Ugata, Japan that gives artists from Spain residing there a chance to showcase their choreographies and in which her contemporary dance choreography “Soltura” received critical acclaim. In 2009 she was 1st-round award recipient in Counterpulse’s “Performing Diaspora” program. In 2012 she was honored with a month-long invitation to teach/choreograph in Madrid, Valencia and Castellón, Spain. In 2012 her film “Continuum” was featured in SF’s Tiny Dance Film Festival. She is the winner of the 2014 SF Bay Area Dancers’ Choice Award. In May 2014 she performed together with the group “Saudade” in Valencia, Spain and was invited to teach a weeklong workshop and Masterclass. During the same visit to Spain she was interviewed on Andalucian television and deemed Cultural Embassador to Spain for her lifelong dedication to the art and culture of this country. Ms. Sena is the founder and artistic director of Andanza Spanish Arts and resident choreographer/stage director for Her Rebel Highness. Her heart, soul and life are dedicated to artistic expression.