Healthy Dancers Clinic

Health & Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaches collaborate with you on a one-on-one basis to help you live a vibrant, more balanced, healthy and joy-filled life. During your discovery session, we will discuss your health goals, motivators, obstacles, and lifestyle in an effort to work together to create your plan of action for your success. After your first session, you will work towards reaching your SMART goals as we come alongside you to empower you as you strive to reach your long-term goal(s). Discover how to create sustainable, healthy habits over time to provide you with lasting success.


What can Health Coaching help with?

  • Ineffective training or rehearsal sessions that leave you feeling exhausted but not accomplished
  • Loads of stress around training, rehearsal or performance
  • Anxiety from disappointing family and friends when you miss social events
  • A general sense that you're disorganized and unprepared
  • Physical pain or injuries for which you just haven't gotten around to seeking help
  • A lack of motivation or self-confidence
  • Bad or ineffective habits that are slowing you down and holding you back

What do Health and Wellness Coaches Do?          

  • Get you unstuck!
  • Accept and meet you where you are today
  • Ask you to take charge
  • Guide you in the mindful thinking and work that builds confidence
  • Help you define a higher purpose for your sport or for wellness
  • Address mental and physical health together
  • Help you align behavior with your life and athletic goals
  • Help you set realistic goals; small victories lay the foundation for self-efficacy
  • Help you view obstacles as opportunities to win or learn
  • Help you build a support team
  • Capitalize on skills you already have, your strength and fighting spirit!

Some possible topics:

  • Nutrition: Teaching you the basic nutritional tenets, how to avoid distorted eating patterns so common in dancers and athletes, how to prepare meals and healthy snacks, and make room for fun foods.
  • Body Image: Coaching on developing a healthy, peaceful relationship with your body.
  • Mental Fitness: How to manage negative self-talk, build confidence, cope with and overcome setbacks and obstacles, and develop coping skills for dealing with competition
  • Performance Preparation: How to overcome nerves, plan for errors, and build courage
  • Injury Prevention and Pain Management: Strengthen your voice and ability to ask for help, build courage around “negative” communications, learn to read body’s signals, weigh costs of silence, and develop perspective on pain
  • Improving Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Environmental, Occupational, Financial, Social, and Spiritual Wellness

What can I expect in my sessions?

     Session 1: 60 minute discovery - discuss area(s) you wish to grow or develop
     Sessions 2 & 3: 45 minute follow-up on your progress

All sessions scheduled between you and the coach (1-on-1), and are virtual.


Mental Skills Trainer and Health and Wellness Coach, Kirsten Olshan MS, BA, CHWC

Kirsten’s background is in exercise science and health promotion with a focus on sports psychology and nutrition. She has been studying, researching, and educating dancers on the physical, emotional and mental intricacies of dance. Kirsten has made it her life’s work to support dancers to be their best – mind, body and spirit. Recognizing the lack of mental skills training in dance, Kirsten has developed programs and exercises dedicated to educating and empowering dancers on mental health and fitness to optimize their training.

Kirsten's love for dance started when she was young, attending ballet classes in Great Falls, Virginia with her twin sister. She loves the health and physical benefits of Jazz and the athletic, full bodied nature that Jazz dance develops. When Kirsten wasn't dancing, she was taking voice lessons and acting classes. Kirsten toured nationally in Children's theater, musical theater and performed in the Shakespeare Theater summer program in Washington DC. Kirsten's love for movement and alignment progressed from studying modern dance and the work of Horton Technique, Cunningham and Tywyla Tharp. Pilates training was a part of her performing arts training as an actress, along with the Alexander Technique, yoga, and other movement-related work. Kirsten has danced, choreographed and taught fitness classes throughout the Bay Area and nationally. She is a wellness coach and educator in the health and wellness industry and facilitating courses on employee stress management and wellness and healthcare leadership  nationally and internationally.


How Coaching Works


Kirsten taught me to change how I think about things and to focus on what I can do to achieve my results instead of what I should do. She also reminded me to focus on the reasons why I have decided to be more active, be kind to myself,
and let go of perfectionism.

Kirsten is highly skilled in her field of work. She seems passionate about her work. She is very kind and helpful. She understands that there are obstacles in life that can prevent you from achieving your goals and comes up with plans that work with your lifestyle. She tailors the program to your needs in a way it is realistic and you can follow it instead of feeling overwhelmed.