ODC Home Companies

Championed by Brenda Way, ODC's Home Companies are selected in collaboration with the artistic leadership of ODC Theater, currently under the creative direction of Chloë L. Zimberg. ODC's Home Companies provide a field context for artists working in a company model across various dance forms and aesthetics. Appointed without term, they receive ongoing support through subsidized studio space, performance partnerships at ODC Theater, and classes at the ODC School, as well as cross-promotional marketing through ODC's channels to sustain their visibility and viability in the Bay Area dance sector. 



Garrett + Moulton Productions

Chitresh Das Institute



Kinetech Arts



About ODC/Dance

Founded in 1971 by Artistic Director Brenda Way, ODC/Dance was one of the first American companies to incorporate a post-modern sensibility (an appreciation for pedestrian movement) into a virtuosic contemporary dance technique and to commit major resources to interdisciplinary collaboration and musical commissions for the repertory.

Known nationally for entrepreneurial savvy, ODC was the first modern dance company in the United States to own its home facility, the ODC Theater, built in 1979 and expanded in 2010. In September 2005, ODC also opened the ODC Dance Commons, which houses ODC/Dance, ODC School, administrative offices, and the Healthy Dancers' Clinic.


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