Hot Spot: Isadora Duncan Dance Technique

Hot Spot: Isadora Duncan Dance Technique

Hot Spot: Isadora Duncan Dance Technique

Monday, August 7 with Meg Brooker & Valerie Durham
Wednesday, August 9 with Julia Pond & Jennifer Sprowl
Friday, August 11 with Marie Carstens & MaryBeth

All classes 10:30-12:00pm

Drop-ins welcome. ODC class passes accepted, or pay a $15 drop-in fee per class.

The ODC School invites guest artists to come teach Int/Adv classes in the Hot Spot on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Keep an eye out for who’s coming to the Dance!

Isadora Duncan Dance Technique

In preparation for the third biennial Isadora Duncan International Symposium Resurgence: Bridging Time and Techniques, August 10-12, 2017 at the ODC Dance Theatre, the IDIS Steering Committee will offer community open classes in Duncan technique. We will explore traditional classwork exercises and phrases from historic Duncan repertory, as well as investigate intersections between early modern and postmodern/contemporary dance. 

Famed for her bare feet, silk tunics, and free spirit, Isadora Duncan (1877- 1927) identified the solar plexus as the initiatory center of all emotive and expressive movements and trained a generation of dancers who preserved and passed on her movement technique, as well as her extensive repertory of dances, through a body-to-body legacy still active today.