ODC Theater Presents Tere O'Connor Dance, Long Run

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ODC Theater Presents
Tere O'Connor Dance
Long Run

November 14-16, 8 PM

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Long Run (2017) pushes the emotional content of O’Connor’s movement to new physical extremes, allowing time-based elements like polyrhythms, velocity, and duration to become major forces in the work, overtaking the eight performers as they struggle to bring their bodies into a state of calm.

Tere O’Connor’s choreography finds its logic outside of “translation,” operating in a sub-linguistic area of expression. He views dance as a system with its own properties; an abstract documentary form that doesn’t depict or explain. O’Connor’s collaborators constitute a family of artists dedicated to expanding the potency of dance as a serious art form. Meaning is arrived at in collaboration with the audience with dance’s endlessly diverse, open-ended, and referential scope.

Photo by Ben McKeown

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