ODC COVID-19 Operation Guidelines

ODC COVID-19 Operation Guidelines
Updated April 26, 2022

Health and Safety Policy

Up-to-date vaccination status, which includes boosters for those eligible, is required for everyone on ODC’s campus. We ask that you show your physical vaccination card, a photo of your card, or your digital vaccination QR code with your photo ID upon arrival at ODC Dance Commons or ODC Theater.

  • “Up-to-Date Vaccination” means:
  1. You have received a Booster once Booster-Eligible. A person is Up-to-Date on Vaccination immediately on receipt of a Booster. OR
  2. Two weeks have passed since completing primary vaccination series, AND you are not eligible for a booster dose

Face masks are mostly optional indoors, including common spaces, studios, and theaters. Face masks are required in certain circumstances, including:

  • For participants and health practitioners during in-person sessions through the Healthy Dancers’ Clinic.
  • Faculty, theater artists, and personnel may, at their discretion, request participants to be masked during certain classes, performance events, or other activities. Check individual event and class pages for the most up to date information regarding mask requirements.

More Information

  • Advance registration is required for all in-person activities
  • Check individual event and class pages for the most up to date information regarding mask requirements.
  • If you prefer to join us from home, virtual offerings are available.
  • If you experience a positive case, contact us.
  • If you experience headaches, coughing, sneezing, or fevers or have had known exposure to COVID-19 in the past 14 days, please stay home.

All staff and faculty working on site at the ODC Dance Commons and ODC Theater are up-to-date on vaccinations. Our HVAC systems deliver hospital-grade filtration and air exchange speeds. Weather and air quality permitting, studios with doors and windows to the outside can remain open. All dance and fitness classes continue to operate with limited capacities.

Visit myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov to receive your updated digital vaccination QR code. Learn more about boosters and eligibility at CDC.gov.

ODC is listening to and following guidelines from the San Francisco Department of Public Health as it pertains to all of our in-person and campus activities. ODC is reviewing the lift of vaccination requirements San Francisco’s DPH announced for Friday, March 11. We look forward to sharing an updated announcement about our process and any anticipated future changes to our policies soon.