Resident Artist Program

Photo by Tim Russell

ODC’s resident artist program is a vital three-year intensive offering four Bay Area contemporary dance and performance artists comprehensive mentoring and unique opportunities to develop both their creative practice and their sustainable capacity as artists and ensembles. The program is currently on pause after the culmination of its most recent cohort in June of 2021. ODC Theater will take 2022 to review the program in dialogue with artistic community to assess the most supportive format for reemergence.

The Artist-in-Residence Program at ODC Theater is designed to offer a crucial developmental opportunity for Bay Area artists with an active recent history of creation and presentation. ODC’s three-year commitment to selected participants has included artistic commissions, creative space, choreographic and a broad spectrum of business and administrative mentorship, an annual retreat, technical residencies, and preview performances.

The resources support artists as they undertake basic research and development; fully explore a particular project; and create a strong, but flexible, bedrock to sustain them as they continue to create work. ODC’s Resident Artist program assists artists in forging opportunities to increase public understanding of new work, developing their audience base, and engaging that audience with provocative and meaningful dialogue and feedback.

Past Resident Artists

Larry Arrington
Manuelito Biag
Chris Black
Christian Burns
Mary Carbonara
Gerald Casel
Sherwood Chen
Katie Faulkner
Paul Festa
Catherine Galasso
Kathleen Hermesdorf
Sabrina Hou
Antoine Hunter
Shinichi Iova-Koga
Monique Jenkinson
Holly Johnston
Debby Kajiyama
Maurya Kerr
Alex Ketley
Nicole Klaymoon
Eric Kupers
Benjamin Levy
Daiane Lopes da Silva
Hope Mohr
José Navarrete
Jack Perla
Wendy Rein
Amy Seiwert
JoAnn Selisker
Lauren Simpson
Ryan T. Smith
amara tabor smith
Sheldon Smith
Jacinta Vlach
Weidong Yang
Scott Wells
Christopher Winslow
Lisa Wymore

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive.