Vogue & Tone with Jose Xtravaganza

Saturday, June 23
Class fee: $35.00

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Jose’s classes consists of a fusion of different forms of artistic dance, (I.e. ballet, modern, jazz and hip-hop), of which he has thoroughly been trained in for over 25years. His class aims to teach you how to express your own story by creating shapes and silhouettes using your body. Vogueing is dance mixed with AvantGarde posing. In order to fully grasp the artistry of vogueing, you will learn the basics. Which are style, technique, and individuality. All of his classes start off with a brief warm-up which include breathing techniques, and stretching to loosen the limbs and relax the body. Jose also gives an introduction to the elements of Vogue. Pop, Dip, Spin, Arms Control, Floor Performance and Stretch are the elements you will be learning. Leading from there you will get into a series of model poses, contortions, spins, and floor dips. All of which you will end up utilizing in your overall performance bringing you to.... STRIKE YOUR OWN POSE!!! 

Jose Gutierez, better known as Jose Xtravaganza, began his dance career at the tender age of 7, when he was selected out of thousands of students to be part of a dance education program to train and hone his skills as a ballet dancer, earning him a spot as an apprentice with the schools ballet company Feld Ballet. As a teenager, Jose continued his academic and dance education at the famed La Guardia High School of Performing Arts. During his formative years, he encountered the LGBTQ New York City Ballroom underground scene where he was introduced to the legendary House of Xtravaganza, and where his technical dance training melded with the Street dance called Vogue. His mastery of the dance led him to feature appearances in Jenny Livingston's Paris is Burning, and his relationship with superstar Madonna. So impressed was Madonna with Jose's talent, she invited him to audition for her troupe, in which he beat out 7000 competing dancers and earned himself a spot as one of the lead dancers featured in Madonna's Blonde Ambition World Tour, Jose was also featured in the cult film/documentary classic Truth or Dare. Jose Xtravaganza was one of the very few dancers of the troupe to continue to work with the pop icon for years after. His work with the star earned him a nomination for Best Choreography in a Music Video at the MTV Video Music Awards, while also jumpstarting his career as a Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic and Creative Director, as a model, Jose has worked with Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Del Ollio and Thierry Muglier, and has been photographed by Francesco Scavulo, Steven Miesel, Terry Richardson, Herb Ritts, Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber. As a choreographer Jose has worked with Aretha Franklin, Tony Benet, The Rolling Stones, and IconaPop, just name a few. Jose Xtravaganza has been featured in Vogue, Vogue Japan, Time, and Details magazine. He has been a movement coach to Naomi Cambell, Joan Smalls, Sigrid Agren, and Kendall Jenner. Most recently Jose has just worked with director Baz Lurhman on the Netflix series The Get Down, and also collaborated with choreographer Daniel Ezralow for Pop Star Katy Perry for "Saturday Night Live", where he also was a featured dancer. Jose also was cast to be part of Ryan Murphy,s new series “Pose” due out this summer.

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