“This season, ODC Theater traces shifting perspectives, as the artists in our midst push us to think and feel more, and differently through dance, dialogue and opportunities for connection. How do we consider the spaces we inhabit? The places where we meet? How does live gathering develop our capacity for human kindness? At ODC Theater we hope to cultivate with you ways to look, to give attention, to be in community, and to make meaning. Please join us to nurture that which is vital and embedded in this live art.”
– Julie Potter, Director, ODC Theater

  • ODC/Dance Unplugged   |   February 3

    Fri 2/3 at 7pm | Studio B, ODC Dance Commons
    In this edition of ODC/Dance Unplugged, a recurring platform offering a rare and candid look into the creative process, the company will show excerpts of work to be performed at ODC/Dance Downtown in March at YBCA.

  • ODC Theater Unplugged featuring Kim Epifano   |   March 26

    Sun 3/26 at 7pm | Studio B, ODC Dance Commons
    In this edition of ODC Theater Unplugged, a recurring platform offering a rare and candid look into the creative process, Kim Epifano shares her work-in-progress, Last Blue Couch in the Sky, commissioned and presented by YBCA. Marking the 20th anniversary of Epifano’s Epiphany Productions, the piece pays tribute to the seminal places that influenced her own work, while also acknowledging other locations significant to the survival of artists within this rapidly changing city.


  • David Gordon/Pick Up Performance Live Archiveography   |   April 20-22

    Thu 4/20, Fri 4/21 and Sat 4/22 at 8pm | B. Way, ODC Theater
    Choreographer and director David Gordon is assembling his archive for the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. As part of that process, Gordon has made performance works titled Live Archiveography, his reconsideration of conventional archival methodology. Live scripted storytelling interlaces with projected collage. Performance photographs and videos plus interviews with collaborators capture five decades of Gordon’s work in movement and theater art. Through live performance, narration, and media display, Gordon reexamines the artifacts of his past projects, uncovering the intense relationship between his family life and his work.


  • Walking Distance Dance Festival   |   June 2-10

    Now in its sixth year, the Walking Distance Dance Festival features premieres by Bay Area artists, inviting our public to experience work across the ODC Campus and the Mission District. Featuring performances by The Foundry, FACT/SF, Fauxnique, and tinypistol over the course of two weeks.


  • ODC/Dance Summer Sampler   |   July 27-29

    Thu 7/27, Fri 7/27 and Sat 7/29 at 8pm | B. Way, ODC Theater
    Delight in the exuberance of summer with three spirited ODC/Dance repertory works.


  • Kate Weare Company Marksman   |   October 5-7

    Thu 10/5, Fri 10/6 and Sat 10/7 at 8pm | B. Way, ODC Theater
    Marksman is a new sextet by Kate Weare, featuring an original score from composer Curtis Robert Macdonald and set design by artist Clifford Ross. While collisions with others are what shape us cumulatively over time, Marksman acknowledges the beauty, and futility, of our own willfulness. Adopting the metaphor of “aim”, Marksman looks at the precision we use to intuit one another with senses remote from modern consciousness yet imperative to survival. Through peripheral awareness, reflex, synchrony, magnetism and repulsion we must reckon with the sheer forcefulness and fragility of our own formation. Weare draws inspiration from Eugen Herrigel’s Zen in the Art of Archery, “The [master] marksman aims at himself...”


  • RAWdance Double Explosure   |   October 26-28

    Thu 10/26, Fri 10/27 and Sat 10/28 at 8pm | B. Way, ODC Theater
    Double Exposure offers a snapshot of the current American contemporary dance landscape in a single evening length work. This project breaks all the rules of traditional creative roles, with 16 choreographers and two dancers. Performed in its entirety by RAWdance's Co-Artistic Directors, Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein, it comprises 13 duets created by some of the most intriguing and esteemed choreographers making work along the West Coast today. Choreographers include Joe Goode (SF), Ann Carlson (LA), Shinichi and Dana Iova-Koga (Oakland), KT Nelson (SF), David Roussève (LA), Kate Wallich (Seattle), casebolt and smith (LA), Amy Seiwert (SF), Amy O'Neal (Seattle), Tahni Holt (Portland), Holly Johnston (Long Beach), and Monique Jenkinson/Fauxnique (SF), as well as RAWdance's Rein and Smith. 


  • ODC and Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts Present Six Degrees of Freedom   |   November 30 - December 2

    Thu 11/30, Fri 12/1 and Sat 12/2 at 8pm | B. Way, ODC Theater
    Six Degrees of Freedom is a new evening length work created by Sheldon Smith and Lisa Wymore, artistic directors of Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts. Featuring six performers in a tightly confined space, this physical theater work continues SWDA’s ongoing interest in creating technologically augmented live performance. Most of the performance will take place in what appears to be a deconstructed virtual reality cave akin to the infamous holodeck of Star Trek fame. The space will be enlivened by multiple video projections, live feed cameras and a computer system that dictates various aspects of the work in real-time. 


  • ODC Theater Public Engagement

    ODC Theater Public Engagement programs amplify and deepen the context and public discourse around ODC Theater presented artists, creative community and contemporary ideas.

  • Dance Stories

    Dance Stories by ODC Writer in Residence Marie Tollon