ODC/Dance presents: Summer Sampler

ODC/Dance presents: Summer Sampler

Savor the sweetness of summer with a taste of ODC/Dance. Experience work by Founding Artistic Director Brenda Way as well as a World Premiere by guest choreographer Catherine Galasso.

More information coming soon. 

“A more committed group of dancers would be difficult to find.  As they perform feats of strength, endurance and flexibility there is a one-for-all, all-for-one ethos.”
Jen Norris

“brims with movement that marries ferocity to precision”
San Francisco Chronicle

ODC/Dance presents: Summer Sampler 2023 Digital Encore

Relive your favorite moments of Summer Sampler 2023. Watch the Digital Encore on ODC Connect. 

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About ODC/Dance

Founded in 1971 by Artistic Director Brenda Way, ODC/Dance was one of the first American companies to incorporate a post-modern sensibility (an appreciation for pedestrian movement) into a virtuosic contemporary dance technique and to commit major resources to interdisciplinary collaboration and musical commissions for the repertory.


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