ODC/Dance Presents Drinks & a Dance: ODC/Dance Films

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ODC/Dance Presents Drinks & a Dance: ODC/Dance Films
Friday, November 13, 5:15 PM PT

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Instead of a night out, we propose a night in with Drinks & a Dance.

The Drink: The Family Coppola’s Director’s Cut Chardonnay and Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon (delivered to you), a clever nod to the history of filmmaking.

The Dance: A triple-bill exploration of ODC/Dance films, featuring 2011’s Love on the Run, plus the public premiere of ODC’s Sleeping Beauty, and the public world premiere of Walk on Air (against your better judgement).


The “Zoom Lobby”

5:15pm PT

Your Zoom theater date begins with you and your friends in an informal, social chat with The Family Coppola leading you in a tasting of two of their speciality wines.
Your wine can be ordered and conveniently delivered to you anywhere in the U.S.

5:45pm PST

An intimate discussion of the works with Brenda Way, KT Nelson and special guest Eleanor Coppola who will show clips of her documentary work.


6pm PT

Together, we’ll watch a screening of the evening’s ODC/Dance films, followed by a virtual Q&A with the artists.
Love on the Run (2011)
A 5 minute short that takes to the streets of San Francisco to excavate everyday sources of contemporary choreography. Take the trip with us from forthright public perception to the delight of choreographic transformation.
Sleeping Beauty (2020)
Public World Premiere

A 4 minute short created in the suspended reality of Shelter in Place. Set to Tchaikowsky’s atmospheric Sleeping Beauty Waltz and Narrated by artistic director Brenda Way, we consider the musings of a profession in suspension. "So let the dance company lay in wait, like the fairy tale beauty. Asleep but not gone, dormant but not defeated. Awaiting a kiss of renewal.”
Walk on Air (against your better judgement) (2020)
Public World Premiere

A 15-minute film that realizes the imagination of a sequestered dancer, left with her longing, her memories and her imagination. Bodies may be constrained but minds are free to roam. In Walk on Air - from a poem by Seamus Heaney - we take you into nature and the uplifting vision of being together, dancing together, again.

Walk on Air Trailer from ODC Dance on Vimeo.

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