ODC/Dance Presents Drinks & a Dance: Dead Reckoning

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ODC/Dance Presents Drinks & a Dance: Dead Reckoning
Friday, February 12, 2021 5:15 PM PT

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The Zoom Lobby

Your Zoom theater date begins with you and your friends in an informal, social chat with our friends at Barebottle Brewing, leading us in an overview of the evening’s beverages: beer, wine, kombucha and coffee.

ODC drink boxes are sold out, but you can still order and enjoy Barebottle by clicking here.

An intimate discussion of the work with choreographer KT Nelson and special guest Mike Mills, Atmospheric Scientist.

Livestream Screening

Together, we’ll watch a screening of KT Nelson's Dead Reckoning, followed by a virtual Q&A with the artists.

Dead Reckoning was inspired by choreographer KT Nelson’s sabbatical in Death Valley in 2013, and set to a commissioned score by composer and cellist Joan Jeanrenaud. In this work, Nelson explores our relationship to nature: how tiny we are in its magnitude, how vulnerable to its changes. Dead Reckoning refers to navigating without the predictable reference points of stars, increasing the likelihood of accumulative error. Nelson says, “Today the rate of change in nature is unprecedented. How will we negotiate it? Are we in a time of dead reckoning?”

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