Collective members build the studios at the New Performance Gallery (later ODC Theater).
Photo by Doug Winter

Kimi choreographs Fall from Grace, contributing to the new vaudeville movement.

(Photo by Marty Sohl)

Follow Suit by Kimi Okada: A three-part visual and aural piece inspired by photographer Eadweard Muybridge and the properties of plastic packagaing. Score by Kimi Okada.

(Photo by Marty Sohl)


ODC works on commercial for Gap with visual artist Jerome Sirlin.

KT explores nature and sound scores in Beach, marking a thematic shift that carries forward. Brenda explores the political realm in Adam's Invisible Hand.

Wendy Perron performs at the New Performance Gallery.

Kate Wolf holds fundraising concert for ODC.


The two-story annex of the New Performance Gallery is completed. 3153 is rapidly becoming the dominant SF venue for avant-garde and emerging performing artists from across the nation.

(Photo by Carol Ceres)

Bill Irwin teaches clowning class

(Photo by Doug Winter)

Margaret Fisher

Joe Goode

(Photo by Bill Pack)

No Secrets by KT Nelson, commissioned score by Jaime Kibben.

(Photo by Marty Sohl)

Margie Jenkins becomes co-owner of facility and runs the school.

The Collective evolves to a Company with Brenda as Artistic Director.


ODC enjoys a three week tour of Alaska and its first of many appearances at the Joyce Theater in New York.

Pam Quinn & Michael O'Connor choreography and direct Crown, an all-talking dance.

(Photo by William Acheson)

Lynn Feintech joins the Board and Brenda appropriately choreographs Second Wind in her honor. Diana Slavin designs costumes.


Brenda Way creates Entropics to a commissioned steel drum score by Andy Narell, performed at the Zellerbach Playhouse in Berkeley.


Brenda choreographs Natural Causes with a commissioned score by Rhiannon.

Alyce Dissette becomes Executive Director and brings Annie Leibovitz to do a photo shoot with the Company.

(All photos by Annie Leibovitz)

Stanford Lively Arts, The Veterans Hospital, and the Robotics Research Laboratory commission Brenda Way's Invisible Cities. Way learns to program a 6-foot robot.

Ellie Kloop, from Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, joins the ODC School faculty and begins a long reign as one of the most sought-after contemporary teachers in the Bay Area.

KT creates Wild Card to a commissioned score by Bobby McFerrin.

Tuesday, January 1, 1980 - 12:00