Walking Distance Dance Festival | ODC/Dance and d. Sabela grimes

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ODC Theater Presents
Canine Comfort
d. Sabela grimes


May 18, 2 and 6:30 PM
May 19, 6:30 PM

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Choreographed by Kimi Okada, Associate Choreographer of ODC/Dance and Director of ODC School, Canine Comfort pays tribute to the things that offer solace - nature, family, friends, and the unconditional love from dogs. Developed as a site-specific piece, Canine Comfort features ODC/Dance and a team of dogs.

Through a synthesis of ancient AfroFuturistic soundscapes, video projection, and kinetic poetics, ELECTROGYNOUS circulates speculative realities that counter historically imposed notions of femininity and masculinity. Imagining the inclusion of liberated Black bodies at the center of the work’s “now,” ELECTROGYNOUS renders a dynamic testament to the multiple worlds that Black people simultaneously inhabit.

d. Sabela grimes, a 2014 United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow, is a trans-media storyteller, sonic ARKivist, movement composer who cultivates a devoted interest in the physical/meta-physical efficacies of Afribiquitous life practices. His current creative project ELECTROGYNOUS articulates that Black gender spectrums are infinite, multi-dimensional and distinct manifestations of wombniversal consciousness. Sabela loves pancakes, speculative fiction, and his KinFolk.

Photo by Gema Galiana

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2019 Walking Distance Dance Festival

Sunday, May 12, 2019

The 2019 Walking Distance Dance Festival features West Coast choreographic voices from L.A. and the Bay in the heart of the San Francisco’s Mission District. This edition, with outdoor and roving performances, as well as dance presentations across ODC’s two-building campus, invites deep listening both within the body and across landscapes and public space. Join us to dip into the speculative future, consider biorhythms of the heart, and enjoy a playful appearance by a cast of canines

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