Contemporary Partnering Workshop with Derek Harris & Meegan Hertensteiner

ODC suspends all in-person classes and postponed performances until further notice. Learn more here.

Saturdays, August 3-24

Full Workshop: $100
Drop In: $30

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This four-week series will cover a wide range of partnering forms and skills with a focus on fundamentals and technique. We will explore classical and modern styles as well as learn some fun and exciting tricks within our specialty of counterbalance partnering. This is where dancers achieve very off-balance positions by using the countering effect of another personís weight to create shapes and achieve movements that would be impossible without the support and pull of their partner. A heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity will be developed through cooperation and exploration. Partners will change out regularly and everyone will partner with everyone. By interacting with different body types, sizes, and skill levels, participants will gain a variety of practical experience and increase versatility within a practice of listening, patience, and compassion.

All levels welcome and encouraged.