Master Class: Dunham Technique with Dr. Rose & Leslie Arbogast

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Friday, November 8, 2:30-4PM

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Class Fee: $25

Dunham Technique is an interdisciplinary dance technique that includes foundational references from ballet, modern, jazz, and various dances of the African Diaspora, including Haiti, Cuba, and Brazil.

Known as Dr. Rose on the campus of San Francisco State University for 36 years, upon recommendation of Miss Ruth Beckford she began teaching Dunham Technique as an undergraduate student in 1970 at Hayward State University. Dr. Albirda Rose received her Doctorate in Education in 1982 from the University of San Francisco and her MA from Mills College in Dance in 1973.

A student of dance since the age of five, Leslie Arbogast has fused performing arts with anthropology, therapy and social activism into her adult years. She holds a BA degree in Public Relations from Ohio Dominican University, and a second BA in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from Webster University in Saint Louis, where she graduated with academic honors.