ODC Theater Festival 2021: NAKA Dance Theater and Catherine Galasso & Dave Cerf

ODC Theater Festival 2021: NAKA Dance Theater and Catherine Galasso & Dave Cerf

ODC Theater Festival 2021

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NAKA Dance Theater/Jody Stillwater
And the Twins Return

And the Twins Return is a meditation on bewitchment and calamity, deception and possession, inspired by images from Northern Japan and Southern Mexico. When a fox attaches itself to you, it dunks you into a dream world, controls your thoughts, alters your behavior. The fox is a fickle trickster who brings fortune one day and misfortune the next. We attempt to go backwards in time to find something intact, something old. But there are few clues, so we turn to the unconscious, giving space for flow. Strip away and listen to what our decolonized selves might sound like.

The live performance version of And the Twins Return was created during a Japan-US Friendship Commission Artist Fellowship, and is influenced by ritual dance practices and yokai (a class of supernatural spirit- monsters in Japanese folklore).

The dance was made into a film directed by Jody Stillwater / Lenape Creative Group.

Catherine Galasso & Dave Cerf
(Alone Together)2

Choreographer Catherine Galasso and composer Dave Cerf created Alone Together in 2018 as a site- specific work for ODC’s B. Way Theater. By flipping the orientation of the proscenium and placing the audience on the stage and the performers in the seats, the piece playfully dissected the relationship between viewer and subject. For the 2021 Festival, Galasso and Cerf have created a filmic response to their original collaboration; part documentary, part mystery-poem. Cinematographer Natalia Roberts joins the team, as five of the original cast members haunt the empty theater like ghosts.

Leah Garchick of The San Francisco Chronicle described the original Alone Together as “a treasure chest so packed with jewels that the lid won’t stay down.” The ensemble was awarded a San Francisco “Izzie” for Outstanding Achievement in Performance.


  • NAKA Dance Theater

    Founded in 2001, NAKA Dance Theater creates experimental performance works using dance, storytelling, multimedia installations and site-specific environments. NAKA builds partnerships with communities, engages people’s histories and folklore and expresses experiences through accessible performances that challenge the viewer to think critically about social justice issues.

  • Catherine Galasso & Dave Cerf

    Brooklyn-based choreographer Catherine Galasso has been creating live performance at the intersection of dance, theater, and installation since 2006. Her cross-disciplinary, cast-specific performance works have been seen at places like Danspace Project, La MaMa, SFMOMA, Bibliotheque National in Paris and the Kohler Arts Center, as well as underground bank vaults, dilapidated houses, and grand marble staircases. From 2017-2018 she developed a series of works inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron, of which “Alone Together” was the culminating chapter. Galasso was an ODC Theater Resident Artist from 2009-2012. (Alone Together)2 features performances by Eric Garcia, Hien Huynh, Phoenicia Pettyjohn, Karla Quintero, and Galicia Stack Lozano.




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