Dancehall: Female Fundamentals with Charlotte Nehm

Sunday, October 8
4:30 - 6:30 pm

Come learn the fundamental vocabulary of female dancehall movement: Wine, shake, swing, drop, wave, fling, and jook. We will train the technical elements of each as we explore multiple variations and learn derived popular Jamaican female dancehall moves. This workshop helps dancers learn to control and articulate their bodies, allowing new levels of self-discovery, expression, and confidence.

Charlotte Nehm is a bay area native currently residing in Jamaica where she is actively involved in the local dancehall community. Charlotte taught dancehall for one year in the bay area, and led the student-troupe Trapsettaz, before moving to Jamaica to pursue a Master’s in Cultural studies. In addition to finishing her studies at the University, Charlotte has co-founded Belleh House, a dancehall dance hostel, as well as Dancehall Dimension, an organization promoting and preserving authentic flavor, feeling and flow of the dance.