ODC Presents Pilot 72: Hatched

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ODC suspends all in-person classes and postponed performances until further notice. Learn more here.

Saturday, December 7, 8PM; Sun December 8, 4PM & 7PM
Studio B, ODC Dance Commons, SF

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ODC presents Pilot 72: Hatched, an evening of new works by six emerging Bay Area choreographers. From inner monologues, sincere communication, and polyrhythmic tensions to finding unconditional love and reawakening the five senses, these artists represent an eclectic mix of voices in the contemporary dance scene.

There is Life like Willows, by Hayley Bowman, calls on the language of dance to exhibit how the five senses of the body make us feel alive, and is the framing of our experiences and memories. In Ahem, Big Plate Dance explores themes of communication. Straddling the line between improvisation and choreography, five dancers are forced to reckon with their differing ideas in real time. In 4 over 3, Alex Law collaborates with percussionist, Cory Graves, to unveil a polyrhythm through movement. This experiment is a tug-o-war of choreography and improvisation alongside the architecture of sound. Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies presents Not That I Have Anywhere to Go, a duet for one dancer and her inner monologue. Equal parts meditation and wrestling match, coherence and incoherence vie gently for center stage, and “sensible” remains up for grabs. Jocelyn Reyes presents, LASOS, a duet that tests the limits of trust, reevaluates ‘defense mechanisms’ and grapples with finding unconditional love.