ODC Theater 2024 Presented Artists

ODC Theater 2024 Presented Artists

February 16- March 17, 2024


Rachael Lincoln & Leslie Seiters

Long Playing is a training, a tribute, a trial, a social gathering for bodies still learning how to be animals, fully together and lost in a crowd. Lincoln and Seiters oscillate between decisive action that is explicit and demanding, and a receptive stance that is patient, wide, and behind-the-scenes. Viewers of Long Playing have found evidence of a mercurial relationship, a critique of capitalism, an unfolding ritual, and transformation, both glacial and instantaneous. It calls on fictitious guides, animal instincts, and a long history of making together.

February 16-18, 2024

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Fanny Ara

Fanny Ara is an internationally-sought after and award-winning choreographer, performer and instructor. Her most dedicated worldwide fans especially credit her as one of the driving forces of flamenco today; an artist excelling in the full spectrum of flamenco, from the most traditional to the avant-garde. Fanny has been an invited artist in national and international festivals and has toured extensively in Canada, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and throughout Europe. She has been distinguished since 2006 with nominations from the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards in the categories of Most Outstanding Individual Dancer, Most Outstanding Music, Ensemble, and Individual Performance for her project, Juncal Street, and Best Ensemble for her work with the San Francisco Opera in La Traviata.

February 23-25, 2024

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Kayla Farrish/Decent Structures Arts

Kayla Farrish/Decent Structures Arts is an emerging company combining filmmaking, storytelling, dance theater performance, and sound score. Farrish has freelanced with companies including Sleep No More NYC, Kyle Abraham/AIM, Marjani Forte/7NMS, Kate Weare Company, Helen Simoneau Danse, Company SBB, Dendy/Donovan Projects, Arthur Aviles, Rashuan Mitchell/Silas Reiner, Nicole Von Arx, Danielle Russo, and others. She has been an instructor, rehearsal director, performance coach, and mentor, and has been adjunct faculty for NYU Tisch Dance and SUNY Purchase College.

March 8- 10, 2024

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Degenerate Art Ensemble

Skeleton Flower is Degenerate Art Ensemble’s (DAE) performance of live music, visceral movement theater and dance, projected cinematic imagery and storytelling ritual. It is a semi-autobiographical exploration of Haruko Crow Nishimura’s (DAE’s director) struggle with identity, depression, childhood trauma, and the awakening of personal power. The piece deals with these issues with humor and imagination, casting her family as monsters from a Godzilla movie, and traces her personal struggle through three fairy tales which were read to her by her mother growing up (The Fitcher’s Bird, The Wild Swans, and The Red Shoes). The world of Skeleton Flower is a multi dimensional patchwork quilt that conjures and consoles her female ancestors through the use of hand felted wools, ten thousand hand painted silk flowers, and knitted sweaters which fill fantastic worlds in the work’s cinematic imagery.

March 15-17, 2024

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 "A key tenet of my curatorial practice is acknowledging and esteeming artists of the global majority, and concomitantly decentering whiteness." - Maurya Kerr

"Hybridity is key in my curatorial practice; I am attracted to the unnamable forms and live art languages that have emerged through our porous borders." - Leyya Mona Tawil

Maurya Kerr & Leyya Mona Tawil
Curators of Fanny Ara & Kayla Farrish
(Maurya Kerr pictured Left above, Leyya Mona Tawil pictured Center above)

"I am thrilled to welcome Rachael Lincoln & Leslie Seiters and Degenerate Art Ensemble to the Bay for ODC Theater's 2024 Winter Season. Long Playing and Skeleton Flower speak to the imprints that we leave on one another over time. Lincoln and Seiters offer nods to their artistic influencers, many of whom are rooted in the Bay Area, while Degenerate Art Ensemble excavates the seen and unseen impacts of relational trauma and healing. These artists invite you into deeply personal works with intricately built worlds like they are inviting you into their homes through theatrical, warm, and rigorous storytelling." - Chloë L. Zimberg.

Curator of Degenerate Art Ensemble, Rachael Lincoln, & Leslie Seithers
(Chloë L. Zimberg Pictured Right Above)

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Since 1976, ODC Theater has been the mobilizing force behind countless San Francisco artists and the foothold for national and international touring artists seeking debut in the Bay Area. The Theater, founded by Brenda Way, has earned its place as a cultural incubator by dedicating itself to creative change-makers, those leaders who give the Bay Area its unmistakable definition and flair. Nationally known artists Spaulding Gray, Diamanda Galas, Bill T. Jones, Eiko & Koma, Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE, Karole Armitage, Sarah Michelson, Brian Brooks and John Heginbotham are among those whose first San Francisco appearance occurred at ODC Theater. ODC Theater is currently under the Creative Direction of Chloë L. Zimberg.

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