Yoga for Healing Workshop Series

Yoga for Healing Workshop Series

Tuesdays February 7th - March 14th, 2023
7:00 - 8:30pm
Studio LP, 3153 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110


In this 6-week series, students will explore how their body can move most effectively for processing feelings— both physical and emotional. Trauma is stored in the body, and one of many ways to approach healing from trauma is through movement (in conjunction with other traditional methods, like talk therapy). Through trauma-informed yoga practice, students are encouraged to focus on sensations in relation to emotions. A primary focus of the class is moving comfortably while contemplating the connection between mind and body. Classes will be specifically tailored to suit the needs of each person participating, and a safe space will be provided to share anything that surfaces while moving. Time will be reserved for journaling and expressing oneself in various ways aside from yoga, too. Throughout the course, students will be fully supported by facilitator Grace Shaver— a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor and holistic dance educator.

This workshop is appropriate for persons 18+. Masks are required for this workshop. Please bring your own yoga mat.

About Grace Shaver

Grace Shaver has studied dance since age three, fostering a deep appreciation for her body and the movement it's capable of. Her fondness for movement developed into a love of yoga, and in December 2019, she completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training. In the fall of 2020 she became a trauma-informed yoga instructor and today her dance and movement work focuses on the connection between mind and body. Grace is a contemporary dance performing artist and holistic and whole-bodied ballet educator. She is intrigued by how the body can move in the most comfortable and natural way, and her current class offerings focus on connecting her research surrounding trauma and the body to real-life practices. Grace aims to offer a safe space for one to feel joy and appreciate their abilities. To learn more about Grace and what she's currently up to, visit


About ODC Health

Movement has the power to promote physical and mental health, creativity, and longevity. The ODC Health initiative is a logical outgrowth of our passion for movement, commitment to community wellness and our wish to share our years of collective experience in developing and maintaining physical resilience. These ODC Health programs focus on supporting an informed, robust, and responsive physical lifestyle as they foster inclusivity and diversity through movement.

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