ODC Theater Festival 2021: Margaret Jenkins & Rinde Eckert & Geoff & Dan Hoyle

ODC Theater Festival 2021
Saturday, June 12, 6 PM PT

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Margaret Jenkins and Rinde Eckert
Migratory Passages

From the solitary birds to the flocking birds, from the baggage of culture to the nature of culture, from the water to the sky, from the ritual of death, the divorce from the garden, from the funeral of drowned diver to the mythos of ibis or swan... For the 2021 ODC Theater Festival, Margaret Jenkins and Rinde Eckert premiere a new duet thematically related to their previous 3 duets: Shorebirds Atlantic, And So They, and Shadows & Water. As they shed their birdwatching gear they become more birdlike, the weight of a stone monkey countered now by the lightness of the image of the migratory birds rising from the clear lake to disappear in the distance on their way north or south to one home or another.

Geoff and Dan Hoyle

In 1977, Geoff Hoyle became a Dad. In 2015, his son Dan became a Dad. Sometime in between then, they performed together for a bit, but it’s been ten years since that happened. And this is the first time they will be performing together as official, card-carrying Dads. They don’t know what to expect, but chances are there will be songs, skits, musings, maybe a character or two, and a laugh or three. Lewis Carroll poems, finding a doctor who accepts your insurance, what other Dads are really thinking when they are at the playground, might be topics. It will be all completely new. But will feel like they vaguely know what they are doing. Sort of like being a Dad.



  • Geoff and Dan Hoyle

    Dan Hoyle is an actor and writer. His solo shows BORDER PEOPLE, Each and Every Thing, The Real Americans, Tings Dey Happen, Florida 2004: The Big Bummer, and Circumnavigator have toured the country and overseas including The Public Theater, Culture Project, Baltimore Center Stage, Berkeley Repertory Theater, Cleveland Playhouse, Mosaic Theater Company (Washington, D.C.), Portland Center Stage, Playmakers Repertory Company, Painted Bride (Philadelphia), The Park in Kolkata, India, the Samuel Beckett Theater in Dublin, Ireland, Taliesin in Swansea, Wales, and Abuja, Bauchi, Calabar, Lagos, and Jos, Nigeria.

    Geoff Hoyle clowned as Mr. Sniff in San Francisco’s Pickle Family Circus, Cirque du Soleil and Circus Flora. He has appeared many times at ACT, Berkeley Rep, and off-Broadway, performing solo in regional theaters in the US and at festivals in Europe. On Broadway, he originated the character of Zazu in The Lion King. His live solos Geezer and Lear’s Shadow and his most recently filmed solo, What will I be when you grow up? all debuted at The Marsh.

  • Margaret Jenkins & Rinde Eckert

    Margaret Jenkins (MJDC founder/artistic director) is a choreographer, teacher, mentor, and designer of unique community-based dance projects. After assisting Merce Cunningham in teaching his work around the world, she opened one of the West Coast’s first studio-performing spaces and a school for the training of professional dancers; developed the nationally-recognized mentorship program CHIME, was a founding member of the Bay Area Dance Coalition and Dance/USA, and has received numerous commissions and awards including a Guggenheim Fellowship, SFAC Award of Honor, and Bellagio Fellowship.

    Rinde Eckert is a writer, composer, musician, performer, and director. His Opera/New Music Theatre productions have toured throughout America and to major theater festivals in Europe and Asia. With a virtuosic command of gesture, language, and song, this total theatre artist moves beyond the boundaries of what a ‘play,’ a ‘dance piece,’ an ‘opera’ or ‘musical’ might be, in the service of grappling with complex issues. Eckert describes many of his characters as “little men with big ideas whose consequences of their hubris are often disastrous.”

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